Tech-Assist lifting slings are designed with a focus on comfort, dignity and ease of use. The type and size of each sling will have a major influence on the quality of movement for each user.

Tech-Assist has therefore designed a number of special lifting slings that cater for each individual’s needs. These can include differing levels of body control, muscle strength, or other special needs.

The right sling is an important part of correct patient transfer – because it ensures the best comfort for the user, as well as the safety of both user and carer.

All Tech-Assist slings are available for children and adults and in many different sizes, weight classes and materials.

All our Slings have been tested to the requirements of ISO/ARTG: AS ISO 10535 – 2011.

Tech-Assist also specialises in customised slings. Address the unique needs of your patients with our reliable, custom slings.

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