Birthing Evacuation Pod


  • Internatial Tested
    Internationally Tested
  • Australian Manufactured
    Australian Manufactured
  • Only high grade materials
    Only high grade materials


The Birthing Evacuation Pod can be used as part of your hospital’s emergency procedure policy, to remove a person from a birth pool or bath. The Birthing Evacuation Pod outer fabric is mesh, allowing water to flow easily through when removing from water. Shorter straps are also used on this device, with 2 x double handles at each end and 3 x down each side, for ease of use in a bath setting.

The foam base is closed cell foam (will not soak up water) and floats. This is easily floated under the patient; the mesh wings are then strapped around the body for security. The straps are then used to slide the patient up over the side of the bath onto a barouche, easily done with the base material being a heavy-duty slide sheet. The pod will drain quickly due to the mesh outer flaps.

  • Designed in conjunction with Australian Physiotherapists, ergonomists, and Services Safety training
  • Australian standard tested
  • Evacuate the dependant client away from the area of risk easily and comfortably
  • The client is securely encased in the pod which has a padded base
  • When not in use, the pod rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag for easy storage