Calf / Leg / Chest Strap

The Calf / Leg Strap is designed to Stabilize leg movement or spreading during transfers, ie in a lifting sling or during manual handling of client. The strap is placed around either the thighs or calves and is velcroed together to help keep legs together. The strap comes in four different sizes, Small, Medium , Large, XL and XXL Sizing.

Calf / Leg / Chest Strap
Prod No; 34641S - Calf / Leg / Chest Strap (800mm) Prod No; 34641M - Calf / Leg /Chest Strap (1000mm) Prod No; 34641L - Calf / Leg / Chest Strap (1200mm) Prod No; 34641XL - Calf / Leg / Chest Strap (1400mm) Prod No; 34641XXL - Calf / Leg / Chest Strap (1600mm)
  • Sizing Length Width Max Measurement
    34641S 800mm 100mm

    (Max thigh / leg / chest measurement 700mm)

    34641M 1000mm 100mm

    (Max thigh / leg / chest measurement 900mm)

    34641L 1200mm 100mm

    (Max thigh / leg / chest measurement 1100mm)

    34641XL 1400mm 100mm

    (Max thigh / leg / chest measurement 1300mm)

    34641XXL 1600mm 100mm

    (Max thigh / leg / chest measurement 1500mm)

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