Just Right Hammock

The Just Right Hammock is designed and manufactured to provide a strong washable hammock for use as part of a child’s sensory diet. Many children seek movement to an intense level and can use the hammock in both sitting and lying positions. Other children need slow, linear movement and deep pressure from the material for set times each day to help them achieve a relaxed state. Therapists will find it a necessary accessory for sensory integration activities. The two sizes allow for use by various ages (child to adult) and physical abilities.

The Just Right Hammock must be used in accordance with recommendations made by an appropriately qualified Therapist, preferably with a certificate in Sensory Integration. Children must be supervised at all times while using the hammock.

ALL CHILDREN must be carefully monitored and assessed as being appropriate for Therapy with the Just Right Hammock. In particular children with Epilepsy, Orthopedic, Physical or Neurological conditions.

The Just Right Hammock is made from 100% polyester mesh material that is quick drying. The nylon rope is attached with a metal clip for safety, and the hammock is attached to the suspension point with a metal ring. The Just Right Hammock has a Safe Working Load (S.W.L.) of 150kgs.

Just Right Hammock
Criteria for design:
Safe, strong design. (Meets load testing criteria). Washable, quick drying. Soft, Gentle on skin. Easily put up / down. Used in sitting or prone position. Pleasant looking.
Prod No; 42121S - Small ( 1m x 750mm drop) Prod No; 42121L - Large ( 1.5m x 1m drop)
Suitable for clients with:
Developmental disorders. Neurological disorders. Sensory integrative disorders. Attention deficit disorders Autism spectrum disorders. Aspergers syndrome.
  • Cleaning Instructions;

    Hand or machine wash to 60 degrees. Drip Dry.



    Neither the manufacturer nor Therapists are liable for injuries resulting from use of the hammock, inadequate suspension or wear and tear of parts.

    Fittings that have an equal or higher Safe Working Load than 150kgs must be used. All surfaces under the hammock should be covered with protective flooring before use. The Hammock and fittings must be regularly checked for wear and tear (Monthly), if damage is evident contact supplier immediately and cease using the hammock.

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