Transfer Board 8mm PVC

The8mm Transfer Board, is used as a general transfer aid in a variety of transfer situations, ie, from bed to chair, chair to chair, chair to bed, etc.

15333 (P.V.C.) A stiff transfer board, ideal where there is slight height variation.

S.W.L 150 Kilos

Transfer Board 8mm PVC
15333 P.V.C. construction, 480mm x 280mm x 8mm. 8mm PVC creates stiffer board to reduce flexibility. Single hand hold for ease of handling. Rounded edges and radius corners provide a smooth and safe transfer for both client and carer. Available with or without grip on the underside. Hygienic; easily cleaned by wiping over with mild detergent or a non-alcohol based disinfectant.
Prod No; 15333 - TRANSFER BOARD (PVC) 8mm Prod No; 15339 - TRANSFER BOARD (PVC) 8mm INC GRIP ON BASE

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