Deluxe Pelvic Support

Pelvic supports have a 50mm side release buckle for adjustment at the front, and are made from padded vinyl for ease of cleaning, they are available in a variety of colors.

The Pelvic Support is supplied with a selection of sealed holes to attach through to the chair for ease of correct positioning (see instructions).

Pelvic Supports when attached to chair in correct position reduce the possibility of client slipping under support (Submarining) ie keeping them in sitting position. The correct position for location is from the small of the waist ie where the body bends, the Pelvic Support should go downwards at approximately 45 degrees, usually to the point on chair where the back meets the seat.

Deluxe Pelvic Support
Prod No; 32782 Adult Pelvic Support Black Prod No; 32783 Adult Pelvic Support Grey Prod No; 32784 Adult Pelvic Support Wheat Prod No; 32882 Child Pelvic Support Black Prod No; 32883 Child Pelvic Support Grey Prod No; 32884 Child Pelvic Support Wheat

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