Padded Seat Standard

The seat pad is a covered foam pad of 50mm thickness measuring 40cm x 40cm, 45cm x 45cm or 50cm x 50cm, these sizes are ideal for most wheelchairs and upright arm chairs. The vinyl cover is easy to keep clean whilst the Nylon gives greater comfort, with 50mm foam. Velcro tabs on the base with adhesive backing allow the seat pad to be located on the chair semi-permanently.

Padded Seat Standard
Vinyl cover for easy wipe clean, Nylon For Comfort. 40cm x 40cm x 50mm or 45cm x 45cm x 50mm and 50cm x 50cm x 50mm ideal for wheelchairs and upright chairs. 50mm foam inner for comfort. Foam is removable for laundering. Velcro adhesive tabs for location.
  • Product Ordering Code

    Small 40cm x 40cm

    Medium 45cm x 45cm

    Large 50cm x 50cm

    Pad Vinyl Black




    Pad Vinyl Grey




    Pad Vinyl Wheat




    Pad Nylon Black




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