Neoprene, Buckles & Webbing

Prod No; 64501 Neoprene sleeve 25mm Dia x 280mm long (Blue)

Prod No; 64601 Neoprene sleeve 50mm Dia x 280mm long (Blue)


Prod No; 64702 Side release buckle 25mm (Black) One Way        

Prod No; 64802 Side release buckle 38mm (Black) One Way        

Prod No; 64902 Side release buckle 50mm (Black) One Way       


Prod No; 65002 Side release buckle 25mm (Black) Two Way        

Prod No; 65102 Side release buckle 38mm (Black) Two Way        

Prod No; 65202 Side release buckle 50mm (Black) Two Way      


Prod No; 65302 Cam Lock Buckle 25mm (Black)                          

Prod No; 65402 Cam Lock Buckle 50mm (Black)                     


Prod No; 65502 Ladder Lock 25mm (Black) Light Duty                

Prod No; 65602 Ladder Lock 25mm (Black) Heavy Duty             


Prod No; 65702 Tri-Glide 25mm (Black)                                        

Prod No; 65802 Tri-Glide 38mm (Black)                                        

Prod No; 65902 Tri-Glide 50mm (Black)                                


Prod No; 66001 25mm Seat Belt Webbing Blue (per metre)          

Prod No; 66002 25mm Seat Belt Webbing Black (per metre)    


Prod No; 66301 32mm Seat Belt Webbing Blue (per metre)    


Prod No; 66201 50mm Seat Belt Webbing Blue (per metre)          

Prod No; 66202 50mm Seat Belt Webbing Black (per metre)        

Prod No; 66205 50mm Seat Belt Webbing Red (per metre)          

Prod No; 66206 50mm Seat Belt Webbing White (per metre)    

Neoprene, Buckles & Webbing
  • These are replacement items for products such as lap straps, shoulder supports etc.

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